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  Julian Ospald 809ffc7745
Add unsafeToString methods 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald a0510eaec1
Add stack.yaml 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald cce2c68cab
Update .gitignore 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 3c5f06f41d
Remove redundant imports in tests 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 6bc5381108
Add hackage-deps badge 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald ef51863180
Document use of 'getcwd' 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 09062351f5
Release 0.9.2 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald ab4137572e
Fix travis typo 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald c03a7ec18f
Merge branch 'tighten-base-bound' of https://github.com/gwils/hpath 1 year ago
  George Wilson df298f187e Tighten base bound to prevent building before GHC 7.6 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 466c72924a
Fix travis build for ghc-7.6.3 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 9dfb803ba8
Update travis matrix 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald de46a0c568
Raise required bytestring version 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald d9ba67b6f0
Fix build with ghc-7.6 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 9342abeb7a
Release 0.9.1 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald e8cbc632c9
Fix build with ghc-7.8 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald c556a3d3e4
Fix build with ghc-7.10 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 3aee719130
Make "unbuildable on windows" explicit 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 10662ee803
Bump to 0.9.0 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 672875f48f
Small .cabal cleanup 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 3e6d93182a
Abstract over Path more properly 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 1c95c9f8f9 Bump to 0.8.1 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 0ec2cf8ca5 Add writeFile and appendFile 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 9ac10a6a7d Add file reading functions 1 year ago
  Julian Ospald 1a2c77c6a6
dirname: remove incorrect documentation on properties 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald 3baecb7b51
Improve CopyDirRecursiveCollectFailures tests 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald 5d5b0ae3c1
Add missing language pragma 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald f47c8edb42
Fix build for GHC < 7.10 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald ef66a24f87
Improve error handling 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald f6a5cb8668
Add test to basename 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald 4dec385332
Improve createDirRecursive 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald 5b08e14b55
Add createDirRecursive, fixes #6 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald ac381cbf60
Improve documentation 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald ce7fdcdcd6
Move documentation note about RecursiveFailure where it belongs 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald a31c9d1e88
Improve documentation and tests for file creation 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald a5942ff026
Use IfElse package for whenM/unlessM 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald 4d71ad08ce
Release 0.8.0 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald 92017ab630
Make createRegularFile and createDir accept FileMode parameter 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald 16af98b32d
Be more specific about Overwrite mode 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald 6da01e382f
Improve documentation 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald ed06543981
Proper GHC conditionals to fix compiler warnings 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald d3eb2fc254
Fix build with GHC-7.8 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald a1eb06324f
Rm unused imports 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald d12ce30f57
Fix docs and rename RecursiveMode to RecursiveErrorMode 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald 7a6f0e8728
Fix spelling 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald 7ed5829d47
Fix documentation 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald d708f80a1f
TESTS: don't assume ordering of exceptions 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald f07619b7c6
TESTS: fix before/after 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald c5bcb90b65
TESTS: don't use lazy IO -.- 3 years ago
  Julian Ospald 4f047dbc77
TESTS: import unsafePerformIO from System.IO.Unsafe 3 years ago