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This is not a full paludis configuration. It contains only those parts that are necessary to set up a gentoo github mirror based sync system:

  • configures paludis to sync via
  • updates metadata-cache (the first update might take long, all subsequent ones not)
  • updates the dtd directory
  • updates the glsa directory
  • updates herds.xml
  • updates the news directory


If you want to sync all overlays additionally to the gentoo repository, you can add the file /etc/paludis/hooks/sync_post/06-sync_overlay_cache.bash with the following content:


source "${PALUDIS_EBUILD_DIR}/echo_functions.bash"
source "/etc/paludis/hooks/set_portdir.bash"

if [[ ${TARGET} != gentoo && $(${CAVE} print-repository-metadata --raw-name format --format "%v" ${TARGET}) == e ]] ; then
	# Number of jobs for egencache, default is number or processors.

	ebegin "Cache update for repository ${TARGET}"
	egencache --jobs=${egencache_jobnum} --repo=${TARGET} --update --update-use-local-desc
	eend $?