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Dockermail - Email Core

This image provides a secure mail server based on:

  • postfix
  • dovecot (with sieve/managesieve support)
  • spamassasin (with pyzor and razor)

All incoming mail to your domains is accepted. For outgoing mail, only authenticated (logged in with username and password) clients can send messages via STARTTLS.


You will need 2 folder on your host, one to store your configuration and another one to store your email. In the instructions below we will use the following:

  • /var/lib/dockermail/settings to store configuration
  • /var/lib/dockermail/vmail to store the mail

Use the the example config files in config/example to get you started.

  1. Add all domains you want to receive mail for to the file /var/lib/dockermail/settings/domains, like this:
  2. Add user aliases to the file /var/lib/dockermail/settings/aliases:    

    An IMAP mail account is created for each entry on the right hand side. Every mail sent to one of the addresses in the left column will be delivered to the corresponding account in the right column.

  3. Add user passwords to the file /var/lib/dockermail/settings/passwords like this{PLAIN}password123{SHA256-CRYPT}$5$ojXGqoxOAygN91er$VQD/8dDyCYOaLl2yLJlRFXgl.NSrB3seZGXBRMdZAr6

    To get the hash values, you can either install dovecot locally or use docker exec -it [email_core_container_name] bash to attach to the running container (step 6) and run doveadm pw -s <scheme-name> inside, remember to restart your container if you update the settings!

  4. Change the hostname in file /var/lib/dockermail/settings/myhostname to the correct fully qualified domain of your server.

  5. Set the “mynetworks” variable for postfix in file /var/lib/dockermail/settings/postfix-networks to e.g. [::1]/128 (one single line only).

  6. Build container

     docker build -t hasufell/exherbo-dockermail .
  7. Run container

     docker run -ti -d \
       --name dockermail \
       -p 25:25 \
       -p 465:465 \
       -p 993:993 \
       -p 4190:4190 \
       -v /var/lib/dockermail/settings:/mail_settings \
       -v /var/lib/dockermail/vmail:/vmail \
       -v <path-to-certs>:/etc/ssl/server

    Note that the certificates must be named email.crt and email.key.