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docker build -t hasufell/alpine-umurmur .


All configuration variables (except channel configuration) from the config file can simply be set when starting the container via the -e switches. E.g. if you want to set password = "abc"; in umurmur.conf you just pass -e password=abc to the docker run command.

If you don't like the -e-foo just modify config/umurmur.conf and config/channels.conf in-place in this repository or mount them into the container from the host.


Either modify config/channels.conf directly or mount your own channels.conf in from the host. It must be in the container at the location /umurmurconfig/channels.conf! So e.g.:

	-v /var/lib/umurmurconf/channels.conf:/umurmurconfig/channels.conf


Mount in your private key and certificate from the host into the container, e.g. at /etc/ssl/ and then pass the environment variables certificate and private_key to docker run.


	-v /ets/ssl/mydomain:/etc/ssl/mydomain \
	-e certificate=/etc/ssl/mydomain/foo.crt \
	-e private_key=/etc/ssl/mydomain/foo.key


A full command could look like this:

docker run -ti -d \
	--name=umurmur \
	-v /var/lib/umurmurconf/channels.conf:/umurmurconfig/channels.conf \
	-v /ets/ssl/mydomain:/etc/ssl/mydomain \
	-e certificate=/etc/ssl/mydomain/foo.crt \
	-e private_key=/etc/ssl/mydomain/foo.key \
	-e password=blah \
	-e admin_password=foo \
	-e username=murmur \
	-e groupname=murmur \
	-p 64738:64738 \