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HPath libraries

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Set of libraries to deal with filepaths and files.


  • filepaths should be type-safe (absolute, relative, ...)
  • filepaths should be ByteString under the hood, see Abstract FilePath Proposal (AFPP)
  • file high-level operations should be platform-specific, exception-stable, safe and as atomic as possible


  • Hackage version hpath: Support for well-typed paths
  • Hackage version hpath-filepath: ByteString based filepath manipulation (can be used without hpath)
  • Hackage version hpath-directory: High-level IO operations for files/directories on raw ByteString filepaths (use hpath-io for the type-safe path version)
  • Hackage version hpath-io: High-level IO operations for files/directories utilizing type-safe Path
  • Hackage version hpath-posix: Some low-level POSIX glue code that is not in ‘unix’