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Convert "Types, types, types" slide into "How to think haskell?"

This should give a general idea of how to think haskell.
Julian Ospald 5 years ago
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@@ -242,13 +242,23 @@ Let's reiterate. Haskell is:

\frametitle{Types, types, types}
\frametitle{How to think haskell?}
\item think in types!
\item don't be afraid of type errors
\item let the type-checker do the work for you (does this function do what I think it does?)
\item understand functions just by looking at their type signature?
\item think abstract!
\item don't repeat yourself!
\item "develop a solution space, rather than an individual solution" -- Ralf Hinze
\item "imagine a graph, rather than a single path" -- Ralf Hinze
\item "first solve a more general problem, then extract the interesting bits and pieces by transforming the general program into more specialised ones" -- Ralf Hinze
\item solve atomic parts of general problems and combine them into greater solution