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You can!

Haskell is very powerful and can be used for pretty much anything. However, there are difficulties in any language. Let's name a few for haskell:
\item intellectual complexity? New way of thinking?
\item although you rarely need it in haskell, debugging can be difficult at times
\item because the type system is extremely powerful/complex, type error messages can be very confusing and don't always show the error you expected
\item no premium-like IDE with every possible feature (yet)
\item dynamic linking is sort of WIP yet, lots of ABI breakage
\item because most of the world thinks in imperative style languages, it's often difficult to find pseudo-code for functional style languages, so you end up reverse-engineering algorithms
\item some problems that are trivial in imperative languages, can be very difficult to solve in idiomatic haskell and vice versa
\item practical cryptography is possible, but a difficult topic in haskell, see \url{}

You need: