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0.0.8 (2020-01-09)

Release 0.0.8

Distro support:

  • add some FreeBSD support
  • add linux mint support
  • add some redhat support
  • add some alpine support

New tool versions:

  • GHC: 8.4.1, 8.4.2, 8.6.4, 8.6.5, 8.8.1
  • cabal:

Commands and API:

  • new ‘changelog’ subcommand added
  • ‘uprade’ subcommand is tweaked’:
    • add --inplace flag
    • by default install into BIN_LOCATION
  • new subcommand ‘print-system-reqs’
  • ‘compile’ subcommand is now hidden from help menu (since it’s only for power-users, use ‘ghcup -v --help’ to show all commands)
  • ‘list’ subcommand is overhauled and ‘show’ removed
  • allow to overwrite the distro detection system (see ‘ghcup -v --help’)
  • allow to overwrite meta download and meta version files via GHCUP_META_DOWNLOAD_URL and GHCUP_META_VERSION_URL


  • clean up interrupted download cache properly
  • send debug output to stderr only
  • fix bug in bootstrap-haskell causing odd errors


  • introduce major version symlinks (e.g. 8.6 -> 8.6.5) and add x.y tags
  • use GHCUP_INSTALL_BASE_PREFIX in bootstrap-haskell
  • don’t reinstall cabal-install from source in bootstrap-haskell
  • various usability improvements in bootstrap-haskell
  • add bash-completion script
  • add manpage support when using man-db

0.0.7 (2019-01-07)

Release 0.0.7

This release introduces a new way of installing ghcup (and GHC and cabal in the process) with the infamous curl .. | sh pattern. See #36 for discussion. This is completely optional.


  • Add a bootstrap-haskell script, fixes #36
  • Allow to specify tags for ghcup install, ghcup install-cabal and ghcup set
  • ghcup list also shows tags
  • support installing on macOS aka Darwin
  • Improve detection logic for CentOS/Alpine/AIX/FreeBSD
  • Introduce a GHCUP_INSTALL_BASE_PREFIX env variable to control where .ghcup directory will be created
  • Add rudimentary support for Amazon Linux


  • Create missing haddock -> haddock-ghc symlink
  • Emit distro-alias inferred in debug-info output
  • Tweak exit code for ghcup install (If a GHC is already installed, we shouldn’t treat it as an error)


  • Simplify mkdir calls
  • Documentation improvements
  • Error handling improvements

API changes:

  • self-update was renamed to upgrade

0.0.6 (2018-10-30)

Release 0.0.6

0.0.5 (2018-10-16)

Release 0.0.5

0.0.4 (2018-10-09)

Release 0.0.4

0.0.3 (2018-09-30)

Release 0.0.3

0.0.2 (2018-09-30)

Release 0.0.2

0.0.1 (2018-09-29)

Release 0.0.1